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A management team composed of experts

Our management team from the CNRS and the university brings together consultants and collaborators among the best experts in the field of nanomaterials, photopolymers and surface treatments with high added value.
Dr Khalid Zahouily

Dr Khalid Zahouily

Head Manager

Khalid Zahouily graduated as a chemical engineer from the National School of Chemistry in Mulhouse and obtained his PhD in "Photochemistry and Photopolymers" in 1994 at the University of Haute-Alsace. As project manager "innovative materials and photopolymers" at the CNRS, within Professor Christian Decker's team, he has led important R&D collaboration projects with Ciba, Dupont, 3M, Clariant, BASF, Bayer, Gucci, Air-Liquide, Thalès...
In 2001, the recognized expert created his own company, Photon & Polymers. This is at the origin of many technological innovations covering a wide range of applications, from nanotechnologies to road networks, including building, medical and graphic arts...

Khalid Zahouily intervenes, notably, as :

  • An accredited expert (CIR) with the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the French Ministry of Education,
  • European expert at REA, Research Executive Agency, Brussels.
  • Technical and scientific advisor to several Swiss watch manufacturers.
Professor Christian Decker

Professor Christian Decker

Scientific Advisor

Professor Christian Decker holds a doctorate in science from the University of Strasbourg and is Director of Research at the CNRS, Centre national pour la recherche scientifique, in France. In 1975, he joined the University of Haute-Alsace to become the head of the Polymeric Photochemistry Laboratory at the École nationale supérieure de chimie de Mulhouse. He has worked on induced radiation reactions in polymeric materials at the Strasbourg Macromolecular Research Center and at Stanford Research in California.

Christian Decker's current research focuses on ultrafast photopolymerization reactions, synthesis and characterization of photopolymerizable UV coatings and nanocomposites, and polymer photostabilization. He is the author of 300 publications and has participated in over 350 conferences around the world.

Gérard Riess

Gérard Riess

Technical Advisor

Gérard Riess, chemical engineer, PhD, PhD, directed the Macromolecular Chemistry Laboratory at the National School of Chemistry in Mulhouse from 1968 to 1997. During this same period, he was associate professor in various universities in the USA, Germany, Japan, Italy... Since 1997, he has continued his research activity as professor emeritus.

His research fields, as well as his industrial experience as a consultant and court expert, concern macromolecular synthesis, the study of polymer colloidal systems - micelles, emulsions, latex... - and polymer composites and alloys.

He has directed about 100 doctoral theses, signed some 270 publications, holds 42 patents and was co-recipient of the European Grand Prize for Innovation in 1995.

From creativity to efficiency

PnP's teams, composed of doctors and engineers, as well as its international network of experts, constitute an authentic pool of skills, at the origin of the company's creative potential. In addition, organizational flexibility allows for maximum efficiency in the use of skills based on project needs.

Hence the impressive capacity of Photon & Polymers to fulfill the missions entrusted by its customers.

Absolute Confidentiality

To ensure total confidentiality for our customers, we have called upon leading security experts to help us organize and guarantee the perfect confidentiality of each R&D project.

Within Photon & Polymers, only employees involved in an R&D project have access to useful information to carry it out. A sophisticated system based on biometric recognition and hierarchical access ensures the perfect traceability and history of any data consultation. Our intra-network is physically disconnected from the internet network to prevent maliciousintrusion.

For sensitive documents, Photon & Polymers has a safe combining high security and fire protection with exceptional anti-burglary performance, in compliance with current standards - EN 1143-1 and EN 1047-1 - and recognised by insurance companies.

An international network

Thanks to its international network of experts, researchers and specialists, and its very close links with the CNRS, the CEA and universities - France, Europe, Japan, USA, Malaysia... -,,

Photon & Polymers offers you the latest advances and innovations in the field of custom formulation of photopolymer, polymer, UV-dropjet and nanocomposite materials.

Technological support

Your satisfaction is PnP's top priority. This is why our laboratory does everything possible to guarantee you the best technological support for your project and helps you to develop innovations perfectly adapted to the needs of your markets and your customers.

You have an industrial project under study, in progress or pending? Need expertise?

Contact us now for more information.

How do we support the success of your project?

PnP, Photon & Polymers, is a private R&D laboratory Spin-off from the CNRS. It develops functional coatings for its customers - anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-graffiti, antimicrobial, anti-icing... -, inkjet UV inks for industrial personalization, as well as nanocomposite materials. By exploiting the properties of UV technology and photopolymerisation, two productive, ultra-fast and ecological technologies.




Photon & Polymers benefits from a CIR-CréditImpôtRecherche accreditation. Photon & Polymers' Research and Development operations are eligible for the Research Tax Credit.

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